Choosing the Right Poker Table For Your Home

Poker tables come in varied shapes, sizes, make and material. Of course, the kind of table varies between individuals as each individual have their own criteria about how they want their poker table to be. Other than the individual’s own criteria, there is also the consideration for the poker game itself. The table has to fulfill all the requirements of the game that will be played on it, or else, the entire table will be a total waste or time, money or effort. There are three different kinds of poker tables available in the market today.

Of course, before any purchase is done, there should be the main considerations. At this point, there are only three: (1) price, (2) space available for the table in your house, and (3) the quality of the poker table.

An average table has the following dimensions: 84″ by 42″. With this width and length, you can sit a comfortable eight to ten people. The surface of the table is manufactured using MDF coupled with a high-density foam. The cover of the table is typically made form vinyl, rubber or faux gaming suede to replicate the casino experience of poker. It is imperative that the surface of the poker table remains soft so that the poker cheats can be immediately picked up, and convenient enough to allow chips to stack higher.

These are the three types of tables for poker:

1. Tabletop – this is the entry level option and would provide a good base and advice during next purchase. The tabletop is bought as it is and placed on top of a table, which can be anything that can be found in your home. Common sense would tell you that you need to find a table that is also of the same size as the tabletop poker tale because if the table or base is smaller, then the table will be unstable. On the other hand, you can also use Velcro strips to avoid the table from sliding and thus prevent potential damages.

2. Fold away – this type, on the other hand, because it creates a finer balance than the tabletop and an actual poker table. Since it can be folded, you can simply fold it and store it in a cabinet as soon as you are done. This option is more affordable as compared to actual poker tables which are constructed in folding legs. These folding legs, on the other hand, can create stability n some areas.

3. Solid Construction – this is, by far, the most stable of all tables for poker, as this table is fixed in a certain manner and will be meant to stay so forever. If you are seriously considering these type of poker table, than you also have to invest on space as well as your finances. Of course, if you want the closest Vegas style poker experience, you will definitely go for a solid construction poker table.